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Die Originalseite habe ich durch einen Autotranslater gejagt. Das Englisch ist daher bescheiden, aber mit den Bildern leicht zu verstehen:
Originalanleitung: http://www.wainet.ne.jp/~yanojun/fitnavi.html

HONDA fitting order commemoration

Fitting waiting in vain


@ @Car Nabi and audio of fitting@ @

Of the installation place is thought, (-o-)

Corner of great bear God fist (デッドニング)

External audio input (AUX) the terminal is installed in the audio less car

Air conditioner measure of in dash TV monitor


@ @Of the installation place is thought,@ @

As for me in audio less car
Imitation item car Nabi and audio are installed.

As for the audio,

The TV tuner for 1DIN car Nabi + 1DIN stereo + car Nabi

Being to be, it does.

As for 1DIN car Nabi and 1DIN stereo,
It is settled in the audio installation space although,
There is no place where the TV tuner is installed.

First, being to intend to install in the glove compartment lower position, it does, but

Because of TV tuner
The glove compartment half is crushed, how it is wasted!

It was left barely, upper tier of 2 step type glove compartments,

As for the glasses case it enters however,
As for the CD case the small space of the extent which is not settled

Being to be, it does, (TOT)!

"The small space is utilized effectively"

This just propositionof fitting!

To buying the time angular fitting,
Using the space wastefully, it is topsy-turvydom, (T-T)

Become in the disturbance, we would like to install the TV tuner!

Then, going to the dealer, the exhibition car the apparent it is in the louse crushing result,
Such plan was raised.

TV tuner,
It hangs under the bearing surface of the driver's seat.

There is a space of height about of 5 centimeters in the driver's seat and between the fuel tank under that.
(The driver's seat bearing surface high adjuster (the height adjuster), it is the lowest state)

In the same way as other automobile,
The TV tuner is installed on the floor face under the driver's seat when,
Making when the driver's seat slide, the stick under the bearing surface hits.

If it hangs from the driver's seat seat,
Making the driver's seat slide, because it moves the stick and the tuner, the expectation to which nothing strikes.

As for thickness of TV tuner 3 centimeters.

When the driver sits down in the driver's seat, the downgrade being packed of the bearing surface
If they are 2 centimeters or less, you can install

Is my present maneuvers, (^-^)

@ @ @ @ @ @

Factory length of the dealer it is it visited with this idea.

Yano "it is possible, or (^o^)? "

Factory length it is "it is not possible, (the ^^; "

There was a seriousdefect inthis idea,(T-T)

As for that,

The electronic equipment is installed in the vicinity of the heater duct when,
While using heating, it is broken at heat.

It probably will put out, is.

Even under driver's seat of fitting,
There is a heater duct for the person of the rear seat.

By any means,
When we would like to install the electronic equipment in this position,

The heater duct which leads to the rear seat
Try not to be able to utilize

Only it is not it probably will put out, is.

The う - it is,
As for audio installation plan
It returned to starting point, (T-T) it will continue and will think

@ @ @ @ @ @ That this the thing 1 month which is
thought. After all, you did not happen to think good method,
(T-T) such a time,to do to be and others,
you taughtidea, (^-^)! To do to
be and others, being something which is installed in the wheel of the
emergency tire under the load room, it does idea. I, had decided
to try doing by that hand, whether (^o^

) and factory
length it is the unreasonable っ て it is said, - (T-T) @ @ @ @ @ @
2001 September 30th, in the next day of automobile delivery morning
5:30 occurring in, you installed car Nabi and the CD deck. (With
circumstances, in installing by your (the ^^; ) With the dealer,
it had teaching the hole pickup of car Nabi's vehicle speed pulse.

On top of the meter panel, 3 there being a connector, the
cable where, upper tier of the connector of green color the left, the
yellow thin line enters from the left in 10th, blue color, is vehicle
speed pulse. It is the method of arriving to the connector of
the meter panel but the ぁ, I, in order "Fit World" (to be chan)
referred the article of the page, (^o^)! The cable where the
thin line where reverse detection, the very thing decisively, in line
green color of + side of the back lamp of the rear combination lamp,
is black enters was utilized. Also 9 hours caught with the
amateur construction whose performance is bad, (T-T)

top is, KENWOOD GZ-700 (in dash CD-ROM Nabi) under, Nakamichi MB-75
(in dash CD 6 concert FM/AM tuner amplifier). Adhesion you
stopped the small-sized amplifier of the antenna distributor and CD
attachment, in the dead spacedirectly under the meter panel. If (the
Electrical equipment of minimum putting, (^-^) the ♪) MB which it is
worried whether the bucket so in the space, in the person whom
installation it does the answer back and the like the favor, - either
trouble of 75 has not happened, for the present. Properly,
inserting 6 CD, 6 it performed, 6 could remove (the ^^) pursuit
Noboru: When it enters into the tunnel, meterandthe invar illumination CD
deckjust the invar
illumination Nabi picture comes up, (^-^) the ♪ @ @ @ @ @ @

2001 October 4th, the speaker of Fit was exchanged
(^-^) is sound of the car stereo, but when in the normal car, when it
sits down in the driver's seat, only sound of the right side is
audible largely and sits down in the suicide seat, only sound of the
left side is audible largely and increases (ToT) only sound of the
close speaker being middle, although it is the expectation which has
been sung, singing is audible from the right side, (-o-; In
order the う - it is there, for sound of the speaker of the one which
are distant by your, to be audible well, it arranged.

With this, it is the aim of arranging the volume balance left
and right. Problem is several in this arrangement. 1:
When to the eater is directed to the ear, the sound field (the
extent of sound), very it becomes narrow. Exactly, it seems that
inquires about music with the headphone, it becomes a kind of state
where the musical instrument has sounded around the head. 2:
In addition, to the woofer dividing the eater, when you put,
sound from the respective speaker, the gap is born in the time when it
arrives at the ear. The treble and bass slipping, the polar 々
barely, there is a possibility of being audible. (Being to be
0.001 seconds it does, the time when it slips, but.) To expand
the sound field, recently, to separate to install the eater in side of
the woofer as the method of losing differential time, to that eater
ceiling direction! It directs. Has become popular.
But this time, from the woofer vicinity of Fit, to directing in
the direction which arranges the volume balance left and right, it
installs the eater when, to, there being a foot of the crew-member
from the eater between to the ear, it becomes the disturbance, because
(ToT) is, being able to meet, it is conventional method, installation
to door lining was done. As for problem バッサリ and the
cutoff (<- you abandoned and (T-T) or compromise) aimed for only the
standardization of volume balance left and right and the improvement
of the stereo impression. The result which you install was great
success, (^-^)! Sitting down in the self-praise whichever seat,
singing, is audible from the almost genuine aspect, when (^O^)/-/- the
right and the left and, you inquire about the kind of tune which sound
flies, beautifully around the head the り and the revolution which
come (^o^) the ♪ sound field impression is narrow, is, but large it
is satisfactory in the stereo impression, (^-^)!


@ @Secret principles! Corner of great bear God fist@ @

Audio your I had decided the doorof fittingto do
デッドニング, (^-^) the デッドニング っ て,
it probably is what, (? O?) デッドニング = it has
died, (- o -)? "You already have died", the あ it is it is it
is it is! Secret principles and the great bear 1st star * it is
the track/truck guy, when (<- semantic obscurity) デッドニング,
speaking flatly, the speaker box of the car stereo ブンブン holds
down the fact that you say and densely it is with, it is to pull out
speaker original sound, Yano we have interpreted purely, (- - -;
Sticking the damping aluminum seat and the urethane sponge to
the griddle inside the front and back door where the speaker of
fitting has been attached, the griddle is "the ぶ is the ぶ!
"With the fact that noise is built probably will be prevented!
With (^o^)! @ @ @ Inside the speaker box, sound has done
コダマ. At the volume just of the same as the sound which
goes outside has echoed, in the small box, bowwow. Bowwow being
to have echoed, it does even in the door of fitting. When the
hole is bored through the speaker box, from there, bass keeps
escaping. If the small hole is bored, because also sound in
starts leaking, volume becomes large even with the same speaker, (^o^)
is, but the sound which removes to leak from the hole has become
turbid, (>_<)


= =Part order= =

So, promptly, it ordered the material of
デッドニング. In the デッドニング boundary price
being too high Yano purely, the hand did not come out, (T-T) - there,
the fact that it is cheaper is, the kana which is not - with, the
variety it ordered デッドニングキット for the automobile of
the damping material SPDseries of the result and

the great bear gasket corporation which are
searched (^o^) the "great bear gasket", doing from the company name
ultimate secret principles may be able to expect the material of the
manufacturer which famous seems, (the ^^; It arranged also the
trade in speaker and the like. ALPINE SPS-2006 (to 2cm eater) 2
sets. KENWOOD KFC-C172 (17cm speaker) 2 sets. KENWOOD
SKH-600S (speaker pedestal) 2 sets. Being to be, the time angle
you attach, the speaker of 17 centimeters! You do not know
whether in connection with depth of the speaker, it is attached to the
door of fitting that way, (the ^^; I am the laboratory-table,
(the ^ & the ^; As for speaker pedestal, those of KENWOOD.
The speaker of 17 centimeters is fixed, (expectation), it is the
pedestal for the stream and the シビック 5 door. To ALPINE
installing the eater, as for the speaker of KENWOOD, to cutting wiring
of the eater! It utilizes as the full range of the woofer

The == maneuvers are kneaded,= =

The word, デッドニング seems the meaning
"of making sluggish", is, (the ^^; Well you inspected, because
it is above rear 1 month to automobile delivery of fitting, at that
time "the maneuvers" of デッドニング are kneaded. When
necessity for デッドニング of ideal just is, the material is
gathered, it meaning that the money catches tremendously, in order to
be enough with the material which now is, it sticks, because (T-T)

the fact that the ♪ after all most shaking is around
the speaker, it is the intention of damping there preponderantly (^-^)
the opening tape being something which is sold with the DIY shop, 3cm
width * was 177 Yen at 4 meters. Pasting inside the door,
pasting in the aim and the lining which prevent resonance, you use in
order to aim for the soundproof effect. @ @ @ @ @ @

2001 October 6th, デッドニング was administered,
(^-^) the plan which pastes the opening tape in the outer part griddle
cancelled. The plate to be done in the rain, to peel off, when
it falls, because it is troubled, we had decided not to paste.
In the outer part griddle, it pasted the resin seat and the
sponge seat, in the inside griddle, pasted the aluminum damping seat,
in lining, pasted the opening tape and reflected upon. And,
audition (^o^)! Door lining shakes, (- -; That - ぇ?
Closing the hole of the door, because it puts in airtightness
state, the door even excessively the resonance with resonance in
inside having happened, for 17 cm woofers closed mold speaker, being
capacity insufficient. It shakes,, but as a sound it is not
audible. When it touches by the hand, don't you think? the very
low frequency vibration like the weak massage vessel (T-T) the ♪ う
don't you think? the う but! Closing the hole of the door,
being the effect which closes airtight, the sound which is audible
blends, very clearly, and it is the impression where the thing
decreases (the ^ O ^)! Volume of bass although it decreased,
became the bass which will be been clear. Just,it is great bear God fistexplosion, (* o *) the あ it is it is it is it is!
! ! The Japanese name water hundred selection, it
seems like the water which it is it is with grows densely densely and
the sound which is perfectly clear! With to you do not say, but
(- -;

In the bass which is cleardeeply, ニンマリ we have done in the degree
which is heard, (^-^) and, also the speed impression of sound is
preeminent! You think that the standing up and going down of
sound became sharp, accurate. With デッドニング, as for
volume of bass however it decreases, material feeling of soundseems that tears off the cloth which is overhung,
it changesto the impression which you
can take a close look (^o^) with the car stereo, bass "the ず
it is the ず it is, the ぼ it is the ぼ it is" in making say
passion being able to tilt, and others, っ plain gauze る one, "the
ず is the ず is, the ぼ is the ぼ is = sound is good" that
thinking, and others, we cannot recommend デッドニング to っ
plain gauze る one, (>_<)逆効果です





@@ Fitのデッドニング作業の様子 @@


Next, the screw the connector under 3 removing and the
power window switch is removed.

When you remove the
screw of the doorknob, shift in front direction it comes off.

The stick in is removed.

The lining
peeling tool (<- 500 Yen) with, lining is peeled at the automobile
supply store.

The pin of the plastic which stops lining,
remains on door side. Removing this with the tool, it does again
to install on lining side.

The genuine speaker is
removed. While pushing the metallic parts of the speaker
surface, with the negative driver, when it pulls, raises the speaker
up it comes off. Next, the vinyl seat of the door griddle is
peeled. With the seat for waterproofing, it is stuck to the door
griddle with the substance like the gum. The substance like
this, gum is クセモノ. (Below, "the gum" and abbreviation)
with the spatula of the plastic, the そ ぎ the seat is torn off.
When it is accompanying, the gum sticks to the spatula itself.
Occasionally, when it wipes off with the waste, it is good, is.
To wipe off the gum which remains in the door,the for enamelpaint, the reducer (the
thinner) is effective!

In the waste, when you take the
reducer, ゴシゴシ wipe, you take simply. At this bottle one,
it was the quantity whose is sufficient for the gum wiping off 4 of
doors. Being to be an inflammability, please be patient the fact
that it inhales the tobacco. Of course, please do not inhale
also the thinner itself (the ^ & the ^; Don't you think? (<-
poisonous is) please work at the place where ventilation is good, the
ぇ. Well, more and more it is the seat pasting, (^-^) in the
outer part griddle, the resin seat + sponge seat was pasted.

In the inside griddle, the aluminum seat was pasted, the
speaker was installed.

The movable part such as door
lock installs the corrugated tube. In addition, the adhesive of
the デッドニング material, pasting in the movable stick of the
door lock and being attached, in order to prevent the fact that the
door lock stops moving, in the part which is piled up, with the stick
of the pressure sensitive adhesive sheet, cutting those which turn
over the released paper, it stuck. As for the part which pasted
the paper, because it stops sticking, it is possible to prevent the
adverse effect to way and the door-lock stick which maintain
waterproof characteristic.

Lastly, the point of the
corrugated tube, is closed with the sponge seat. In order for
the stick and the seat not to stick, it sticks this. The opening
seat was laid in door lining.

After, if door lining is
installed, it is end. Through the connector of the power window,
through the door-lock pin, hooking lining top to the window, it keeps
stopping the pin. When in 1 door 1 - 2 hours, デッドニング
it does in 4 doors, it is 1 day work, (the ^^; So, it is and - isthe ぉ -
(^-^)! ! This time, the デッドニング material "SPD
standard set" which is used, 8 aluminum seats, 4 sponge seats, the
corrugated tube belonging to resin seat 2, 10000 Yen! Was.
(It was cheap during campaign period, is!) When it is
campaign price, per 1 for 714 Yen, already it is good bargain
preponderantly! Furthermore, the effect was perfect, (^O^)/-/-
(<- reality) operating in door 4 of Fit, 5 aluminum seats, 4 sponge
seats, you used resin seat 2. If already 1 - 2 there is a resin
seat! With you thought, (the ^^; As for the aluminum seat
which remains, in the one for future maintenance retention (^-^) * the
ぁ!The Oobu っand,defense -,デッドニングシート of the gate being
too large amount, my ちis however very it is not, cannot buy with
allowance, and (ToT) - with, you who hesitate to デッドニング!
If the SPD series of the great bear gasketcorporation,
it is
great bear God fistexplosion,
(^O^)/-/- (<- you turn, the person *)

great bear gasket corporation


@ @External audio input (AUX) the terminal is installed in the audio less car,@ @

It has been attached to Fit of genuine CD player
specification in Fit of the audio less specification which I buy,
external audio input (AUX) there is no terminal. Because now,
the CD stereo which I have installed (Nakamichi MB-75), there is
external audio input, we had decided to install the AUX terminal in
the audio less car. First, the AUX terminal was obtained.
The genuine part of HONDA, number is "39112 - SAA - J01".
In order ("Fit World" (to be chan) teaching number with the
bulletin board, it received, (^o^) the ♪) and, removing the basis of
content promptly, when you inspect wiring,

it has become
this way. Because (5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 those where you have written
are the figure which was seen from basis back from the left, shake
number) those which really wired are the following photograph in the
order of opposite.


Resetting to the case, after the
state ♪

of viewing, peeling the center console, you
just exchange with the cover of position of the AUX terminal of the
genuine CD car, (^-^)


@ @Air conditioner measure of in dash TV monitor@ @

When in dash TV monitor is installed, DIN upper,

the wind of the air conditioner, easily hits to TV, when
(T-T) the cool air and the warm air, continue to hit against the TV
monitor, it becomescauseof
monitor breakdown. Then, in order for the wind not
to hit, the board was set, (^o^)! @ The せ っ け it was not
and @

it cut the acrylic board which has rolled to the
room, according to size, applying the warm air of the dryer, it bent
the part of 20 millimeters and 23 millimeters under. It does not
bend the part of 37 millimeters above. You insert the part which
it bends, in the opening under the air conditioner exit cone.
The one which it has not bent, you insert in the opening on the
exit cone.

When it tries ventilating, the wind has come out
beautifully sideways. Wind cutting sound increased, (ToT) with
this, it tries using for a while. Whether it can withstand the
warm air of the air conditioner and the interior temperature of
daytime the acrylic board, trying using for a while, the report stripe
shank (the ^^;

01.10.2005, 09:06

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